To determine the delivery period from date of purchase, the shopper needs to consider the availability* of the items ordered as well as the shipping option selected. The following information shall be the basis in calculating the total transit time:

Storage Conditions

  • Atmospheric Temperature should not be higher than 25 degrees Centigrade
  • Cool, dry and clean place (i.e from rodents & insects)

Shipping and Handling

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excessively high humid areas to prevent lumping & discoloration of the product.

Local Shipping

Approximate delivery time is 1 to 5 days

Consolidation and Packing

Approximate packing and consolidation time is 1 day

International Shipping

  1. By Air
    Approximate delivery time is 4 to 7 days
    Target: 3 to 4 days
  2. By Land/Sea
    Approximate delivery time is 35 to 37 days
    Target: 30 days
  3. Door Delivery
    Approximate delivery time is 1 to 2 days

In case of delivery delays, HWIC will inform the shopper of delivery backlogs or unforeseen delays. The shopper shall also be advised of the impact of the delay on the delivery lead-time. * NOTE: From the day the merchant ships out the product.

Some Possible Causes Of Delivery Delays:

HWIC undertakes to do its best to ship orders as quickly as possible. About 95% of all orders are shipped and delivered on time. However, for some unforeseen and uncontrollable events, delays may occur. Listed below are the top reasons for delays to guide the shopper in understanding the delivery process.

  • On Procurement

    Stock Availability. Though the merchant assures the shopper of product availability and delivery, items ordered may already be out-of-stock (especially when the product is on sale or at a discounted price). Seasonal Volume. Online transactions consistently peak on holidays (e.g., Christmas, New Year, etc). During this time, fulfillment of orders always suffer as online retailers and transportation and logistic providers are swamped with business.

    Site Traffic. Specialized sites (less famous sites) offering similar products almost always deliver quicker than high traffic sites (aggregators). They are able to give extra attention to fulfilling an order.

    Multiple Sources. Orders that are fulfilled from multiple warehouse locations are prone to delays because of differences in delivery times from the source to the procurement office.

  • On Shipping Flight Delay or Cancellation

    Rescheduling due to weather or transport mechanical problems are factors that contribute to backlogs in delivery that are beyond the control of the business.

  • Misplaced Shipment

    Loss orders due to mishandling or the accidental off-loading of cargo are other likely causes of delivery delay. The extent of the delay depends on the speed with which the loss items are recovered and the availability of the next trip.

  • On Logistics

    Bureau of Customs Issues. The releasing of the shipment in customs may be delayed due to the following factors: personnel revamp, customs system failure, absence of signatories, etc.

    Equipment Breakdown. Delivery vehicles may breakdown during transport that may cause some delay on final door delivery. The possible unavailability of backup alternatives can complicate matters for HWIC.

Due to the above reasons, HWIC shall not be liable for reasonable delay in delivery of the items purchased online. HWIC, however, warrants that it shall exert best efforts to ensure that the delivery is made within the approximate periods listed above.


If the shopper orders more than one item within a purchase transaction, HWIC will make every effort to send similarly available items together, though there will be no guarantees. This of course assumes that the shipping method is the same for all items purchased.

Instead of waiting until the entire order is ready for shipping, which may delay the entire delivery, HWIC reserves the right to ship the items as they become available at no extra cost. This situation will only occur if the ordered items have widely different availabilities that go beyond the grace consolidation period or the ordered items have different transport modes.

HWIC may occasionally send ordered items within a purchase transaction in separate boxes. This however will not affect existing shipping charges.


When using HWIC, all orders are insured against loss or damage. The cost of such insurance is included in the shopper's shipping and handling fee.

Shipping Restrictions

HWIC shall have the right, and sole discretion, to modify the shipping method with respect to the nature of the product (e.g., fragility, weight, size). This right shall exist at all times, even after HWIC has accepted the shopper's purchase instructions. This change (and the corresponding revision on charges) shall be subject to confirmation from the customer.