The shopper is given a thirty-day window from receipt of delivery, within which to return the product for any of the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect item shipped
  2. Items have manufacturing defects and/or damaged (Upon delivery)

Except in case of no. 2 all items for return should be in its original packaging and unopened. HWIC reserves the right to reject if there are visible marks of tampering with the item return.

Upon acceptance of the returned item, the shopper shall be reimbursed of the price of the returned item/s less the Return Handling Fee, shipping costs and applicable taxes,, which expenses shall be automatically deducted from the shopper's refund, unless the return is a resut of HWIC's error in complying with the order - in which case,, the shopper shall be granted a full refund of the payment made. In all cases, the refund shall be given to the shopper either in cash, or directly to the shopper's credit card or deposit account, depending on the method of payment used by the shopper to pay for the item.

If the shopper returns only 1 item from a multi-item shipment, and HWIC is liable to pay the return shipping costs, the shopper shall be entitled to be reimbursed only for the shipping fee for the item returned.

For returns, email HWIC will respond via email within 24 hour and will provide the shopper with intructions onn how to send back the items for return.

Product Returns/ Exchange from Customer/Dealers (Customer Service)

Product classified as damaged or spoiled as follows:
  • Damaged packaging, including, but not limited to boxng, shrink wrapping, master carton packing, etc.
  • Incomplete, inadequate packaging requirements
  • Damaged, expired, spoiled products contents, including the presence of live organism and or infestation from within.
    (This provision subject to full and comprehensive investigation by both parties, the period of which depends on how much time is necessary to identify and investigate the cause of the damage.)
  • Replacement product may only be issued upon thorough investigation and indication of the above mentioned guidelines.

Any dealer may return for replacement, any product purchased from any Health Wealth authorized distribution outlet, within the allowable period of seven (7) calendar days from the date of purchase. Product returns shall be made pursuant to the following procedure:

  1. Present said product and the original invoice at the Customer Service;
  2. If reason for return or replacement is acceptable and approved, Dealer will be notified within five (5) working days from date of submission and,
  3. Claim replacement product from the Health store releasing area.

Requisition of Products for Replacement from Warehouse

For Customer Service:
  • Submit the product request form for replacement duly approved by the Operations Manager to Warehouse. And the damaged item for replacement.
For Warehouse:
  • Upon receipt of the approved Request form and the damage items. Prepare Receiving Report for the receipt of the Damage Items.
  • Prepare Pull Out form for the items/replacement for the damaged items.
Indicate in the PULL OUT FORM-

  • Release the replacement to Dealer/s in the Product Releasing Area.
  • Release the dealer to sign and acknowledgement receipt of the replacement.
  • Encode the pull out items as replacement for the damage items.
  • Prepare summary of damaged items for return to Supplier.
  • Maintain Inventory of Damage Items.