The President's Message for 2016
From 2016 Catalogue

Shared vision and mission! Shared dreams and successes!

  HEALTH WEALTH INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (Health Wealth) is on it’s 10th Year in the nutraceutical industry! A “milestone” indeed!

Time really does fly. Back in 2006, I remember quite vividly the initial meetings, the apprehensions and the anxieties of my colleagues on how the market will react to my Green Barley formulation; which was unheard of at that time. Honestly, despite all these, I never had an iota of doubt that my product would take me to this point in time.

The past decade has been filled with major challenges, triumphs, and significant life changing events. It definitely was an interesting ride. But we pressed on. The seed I planted has grown and blossomed into a majestic tree of life, bearing the fruits enjoyed by our product “users” and dealers alike. We thank God, who makes all these wondrous things possible. What a tremendous blessing the company has been in transforming the lives of many people, especially those who are physically and financially challenged.

Looking ahead, we at Health Wealth remain focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategies while continuing to build on the strength of our flagship products combined with the dedication of our hardworking dealers/leaders. We are all excited and energized to journey onwards to the next decade towards the path to a brighter future.

Kudos and my deepest gratitude to our dealers, leaders, and awardees for their unwavering loyalty, dedication and commitment for the past ten “amazing” years of Health Wealth!

All the blessings to everyone and Godspeed!

Joseph V. Espiritu
President & CEO

The President's Message for 2016
From Catalogue #7

“The 4 C’s of Life: Choice, Chance, Commit, Change. You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE and COMMIT to it or your life will never CHANGE.”

So true! In life, there are no guarantees. Just because you try something does not mean you’re going to get the outcome you want.

HEALTHWEALTH INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (HEALTHWEALTH), opens the door to a world of choices. It gives everyone a very good chance of having positive life-changing results, both in terms of health benefits and financial success leading to the ultimate goal of HEALTH, FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM.

At HEALTHWEALTH, we make SHARING the goodness of our products (Green Barley, Fruit Punch, Dragon Fruit, etc.) a way of life. Our dealers experience it every time they bear witness to the amazing health testimonies of countless people with whom they shared our products with.

Material things have never been cast as the end-goal in life at HEALTHWEALTH. However, with the resiliency, perseverance, faith, commitment and dedication of many of our dealers; coupled with the efficacy of our products and our dynamic compensation plan, the financial reward has become inevitable. These are the results of our concerted efforts, hard and honest work that has served as personal trophies we can all be proud of.

Ask our Pillars (Nelson, Mel and Cora), our official company speakers (the “Magic 12”), the members of our Dream Team, our emerging “Kabataans”, and our countless successful dealers – and all of them will surely say … “We made a choice, took a chance, committed ourselves to a mission to change lives while helping others do the same”. You can too – when you take the first step into HEALTHWEALTH. Cheers!

Joseph V. Espiritu
President & CEO

The President's Message for 2014
From Catalogue #6

As we launch our 2014 catalogue and celebrate our 8th year of HEALTHWEALTH INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (HWIC), it is my pleasure to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you for your tireless efforts and invaluable support in helping us revolutionize our industry by changing many lives the healthier way, everyday.

Amidst the highly competitive multi-level marketing (MLM) industry, EIGHT YEARS is an achievement we can all be proud of. It means that we have firmly established ourselves in a cutthroat industry; an industry where the companies with weak foundation usually fall out of business in their first two years of operation.

2013 has been a trying year for all of us and yet a very meaningful one in so many ways. There were many happy and memorable memories, like the continuous streaming of personal health and wealth testimonies of our product users and dealers; the company-initiated activities and events i.e the 7th Anniversary celebration; the Mega-Sizzles; the monthly Barley-hans; the Dream Makers; the Product Fests; the Octo-Barley Fest; the Medical and Dental clinics; the various Leadership and Team Building training activities, workshops and fora for key leaders and official company speakers; and the successful launching of our new product, the "Fruit Punch" with Real Chia Seeds and Green Barley. These successful activities and events were indeed God's graces, despite the challenges from our detractors and external market forces.

Our resiliency, perseverance, optimism, and credo kept us focused and determined in overcoming all of those challenges. As Napoleon Hill once said, "Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equiavalent or greater benefit."

Mabuhay and HWIC! Mabuhay tayong lahat! Marami pong salamat! May God bless us all!

Joseph V. Espiritu
President & CEO

The President's Message for 2013
From Catalogue #5

At Health Wealth International Corporation, we are well aware that amidst the rush of innovative technologies and systems there are still essential attributes that should always be kept intact - our Moral Values. Established human values give substance to our lives and must take precedence over immediate financial considerations...

An organization devoid of established values is like an apple without a core. When squeezed, it easily crumbles. HWIC strictly adheres to defined hierarchical priorities--God, family, and a meaningful subsistence. Our faith in God has kept us dynamically focused and vigilant in the fulfillment of our vision and mission to share the extraordinary health benefits provided by our products to our fellow men.

The highly competitive nature of the business we are in, constrains us to provide our beloved dealers with high quality products, extensive training programs/seminars, to create the company with an environment conducive to growth thereby increasing the odds of a successful career in HWIC.

We also pride ourselves in being securely anchored following our strong family ties and values. This is a citadel where the seeds of love are nurtured, strength of character is molded, and financial stability is assured.

These are the values that set us apart from the cut-throat and devil-may-care mentality of various competitors in the industry. Competitors that may be here today and gone tomorrow. This also marks the dawning of an era of optimism for the company especially in this "Year of Faith", a renewed sense of vitality that will propel us further towards our goal of Changing Lives, The Healthier Way, Everyday.

Joseph V. Espiritu
President & CEO

The President's Message for 2012
From Catalogue #4

As we enter the threshold of our 6th year of existence, it is only prudent that we look back in retrospect to the events and circumstances that have marked the course of our relatively young history - our frustrations and rewards as well as our adversities and triumphs. For we learn and progress through past experiences and measure our success by delving into and recognizing the pitfalls that we have fallen victim to.

In like manner, we must continue to draw inspiration from what a famous poet once said:

"The woods are dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep"

With these introspections serving as motivations, I feel pretty confident that we have everything to look forward to and obtain the needed impetus to eventually realize our ultimate mission.

My fellow partners, I am vey proud to state that, while the path at times has been strewn with difficulties and challenges, we managed to surmount all obstacles and achieve our aspirations in terms of growth and stability. We were able to fully mobilize and improve our resources as well as expand our market by continuously developing potentials and aggressively promoting our products. These we owe to our partners, dealers and distributors who have proliferated in the process and who, to a large degree, have played a critical role in strengthening and contributing to the business growth through personal involvement, dedication and perseverance.

As we proceed to our endeavour, we shall remain steadfast in our vision, reaching out to people, providing them effective alternative remedies to their maladies and relieving them the burden of coping with expensive medical treatments.

We shall strive to maintain the quality and preserve the benefits derived from the use of our products, never compromising their integrity despite risks and competition.

We continue to strongly adhere and pursue our advocacy of providing full support to our dealers and distributors whose active participation in our endeavour has gained them not only a sense of fulfilment, but also economic welfare and a better quality of life as enunciated in their individual testimonials.

Above all, we shall never fail to offer our gratitude and acknowledge the blessings that we receive from the Almighty, whose Divine protection and faithfulness have constantly dominated our everyday living.

Joseph V. Espiritu
President & CEO

The President's Message for 2011
From Catalogue #3

A bright new day to all!

“Health is wealth”. This old adage is so simple but its meaning is so tremendous and profound that it transcends all ages. I have always been a firm believer that living healthy is a major step towards achieving a sound and meaningful life.

Often times though, we find ourselves unable to hurdle various health issues that may inevitably add burden to our finances or worse, further complicate an already constrained financial situation. At HealthWealth International Corporation (HWIC), we are fortunate enough to be witnesses to life changing events and day-to-day miracles of our friends and dealers; a number of whom are featured through the pages of this catalogue.

Amor Coleta, Gerondio Gumisong, Helen Delgado, and Maria Ella Villas show us exactly how one’s life-threatening illness can turn into the ability to overcome and succeed. The "small but terrible" Marlyn Compuesto; the ideal couple Jonathan and Rowena Valles, and our Muslim brother Manan Lao Alilaya - are now all speeding ahead towards a brighter future where their dreams are now within reach. Theirs is an inspiring story of how one can conquer the seemingly impossible through sheer strength of will and dogged determination to eventually prevail in the end. We have come a long way in five years and yet we barely scratched the surface; the surface of a world that desperately needs beneficial products that truly speak for themselves. It’s our moral duty to spread the word…let us all continue to share the good news!

Thank you for your help and support. I wish you all a pleasant stay at HWIC- this is our place, this is our home. A healthy and wealthy life ahead!

Joseph V. Espiritu
President & CEO

The President's Message for 2010
From Catalogue #2

As we launch our second catalogue and celebrate the fourth year of HealthWealth International Corporation (HWIC), I am extremely delighted to express to all of you my deepest personal gratitude for the hardwork, commitment and dedication you have consistently exerted to develop our partnership.

Our combined effort of "changing lives, the healthier way, every day" is now bearing fruit and still counting!

There are so many things to be thankful for- from the rewards down to the day to day struggles to establish the milestones that helped and guided us along the way. Countless lives have been changed in the course of our journey. Testimonies of amazing "healing" experiences and stories of success continuously stream to our office. Stories that recount the daily victories that HWIC dealers and/or Green Barley users have embraced in the course of their lives. We want to share some of these personal testimonies by highlighting them in the pages of this catalogue. We hope that by doing so we may all learn someting meaningful and eventually benefit from these life-changing moments.

Joseph V. Espiritu
President & CEO

The President's Message for 2009
From Catalogue #1

We are proud to claim that our product is..

A healthy and wealthy day to each and everyone!

"Changing Lives, the Healthier Way, Every Day". Prophetic words that best describe and clearly define the corporate slogan of the company while serving as an embodiment of our innate aspirations to touch and influence peoples' lives in a positive way. An opportunity to be able to change the lives of family members, friends and even total well being to achieving financial success and stability or both.

At HealthWealth International Corporation (HWIC), we are very fortunate to be witnessess to such changes. Countless testimonies of people proclaiming of various life altering events are astounding: from despair and sickness, to hope and healing.

Incrementally and exponentially, every HWIC dealer or Green Barley user has something special to share, a personal account or narrative that will all serve as running "Historical Records" of the company’s growth and Green Barley's healing powers. Amazing stories have been told and re-told so often so much so that it is inevitable that people will be drawn to experience Green Barley first hand and eventually discover the benefits derived from it.

This is an on-going story that begun thousands of years ago, from gladiators and prophets to Bible verses and historical books- stories that are still being written in the lives of our Green Barley dealers, users and believers of today. Lives that are continuously being transformed through the "Healthier and Wealthier" way ...everyday!

Maraming salamat po at mabuhay!

Joseph V. Espiritu
President & CEO